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03 April 2006 @ 12:45 am
*poke* Remember Entertainment Boards? Yeah, they closed months ago for various reasons, but now it's back up and running! So check it out & JOIN. (A)

Put Kate Beckinsale as your referrer if you do join, pretty please. ♥

Entertainment Boards!
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22 March 2005 @ 09:59 pm

I will pretty much add anyone as long as we have things in common. Check my userinfo. Other than that, simply comment to be added.
20 March 2005 @ 09:21 pm
My dad's such an ass. I hate him. Okay, maybe I don't really hate *hate* him, but I'm so pissed off and frustrated at him. He's just a complete and total idiot to me and my bro. He's forcing us to stay in Indonesia for the whole summer (2 months) when he himself can't stay for that long, cos he's got work to do here. My bro and I are trying to reason with him that we don't wanna stay the WHOLE 2 months there. And plus, Nathan's got some surfing stuff to do before the beginning of the school year. And Dad's just being a jerk on the matter. I gave him my opinions when he said we were discussing our trip there, but when I did give my opinions, he fuckin yelled at me. He thinks we don't wanna stay 2 months cause we don't appreciate what we've got in our life. Now, what the hell does *that* gotta do with not wanting to stay the whole summer? There *are* other reasons that we don't wanna stay that long. What about mom? She's just not gonna see her kids for 2 whole months cause Dad wants us to stay with our grandparents? What about spending time with friends here? He's seriously forcing us to stay for the whole summer there, and when i say "whole" it really does mean the whole time. We're supposed to leave a few days after school ends, and return a few days before school starts :-s Yes, i get it. Our grandparents miss us too, but hellloooo, what about our social life here in the US?

Seriously, I don't think Dad's ever gonna let go of the fact that we've started a whole new life here in the US. He's always relating stuff to Indonesia, how he misses it, and how he can already have a much better job than he does now if he didn't move here, and he just never stops! Ya know, if he keeps on going about this, I'm just gonna tell him to move back there. I don't care. I've got mom and Jeff, who btw, never yells and whines at me. I'm gonna be off to College in 2 years time anyway.

Meh, that was a not-so-interesting rant, but I'm just soo very angry at my Dad now. And I needed to get that out. :( *sigh* I hate him =(
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05 March 2005 @ 10:58 pm
Well, what can i say? Everything's been quite hectic lately in life. It turns out that Dad's also trying to find a new house for us around here. What is this with everyone moving all in at the same time range? o_O He frikkin almost bought a house in Irvine without even consulting Nathan & I first. Gaah, there's no way I'm gonna be moving anywhere outside my school's border. He should at least wait till I graduate, then he can move anywhere he wants to move, I should be out of the house anyway. Either that, or I'll just move with Mom & Jeff in San Diego and go to one of the schools there, heard San Diego State was a party school or something :-p Yeah, so anyway, Dad, Nathan, and I went to out to dinner earlier and I swear everytime I opened my mouth to voice my opinion on the move, Dad just simply snipped at me. What the hell's his problem anyway? He's always like that to me. He thinks I don't appreciate of what we have and stuff like that. He's got such a short temper that I always end up talking back and lashing out at him, then he gets all angry at me. I'm just real frustrated at him right now. Blarh, I dunnoe..i'll just have to cope with him i guess.

So anyway, I found out that we're going back to Indonesia this summer. For how long, I dunnoe. Dad can only stay for 3 weeks, cause he's got to work here. But Nathan & I might just stay with our aunt, and fly back here with her. Cause she's staying for like one and half months there :| It's funny, cause all my cousins are going back to visit this summer, and most of em has never been there before. It should be quite fun to see how everything'll work out. Harhar, I was talking to Corni a few mins ago about if we actually meet up with each other once I'm there. According to her, we're gonna be less than an hour away, it's only the traffic in Jakarta that could just frustrate us if we even try to meet up. And it'll be funny if we'd still speak English there. It's weird enough that we talk in English when we chat on MSN :-p
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08 February 2005 @ 04:09 pm
Oh Jeeez, there was a police pursuit last night that kept me from sleeping. I was planning to get to school earlier than usual to do my Spanish work, since I left the necessary stuff in my locker at school. It was about 10.15 pm or so, and I was in bed just starting to doze off. I was *this* close to falling dead asleep, but nooo, that didn't work out as planned cause then I heard police sirens & a helicopter outside. The noise was soo loud, scared the beejeeesus outta me. At first I thought the helicopter had crashed in my neighborhood :-p So of course, I got out of bed, went outside, and my bro was with dad watching the news. My bro was just like "Ooh, there goes Taco Bell down the street" Sure enough, the chase started in the LA county and reached down here in Orange County. Then we saw our house in the helicopter cam.

It was hilarious though, cause I swear that car was going just a little above the normal speed that people drive these days, and the police were soo very close behind the car. So I ended up watching the news, cause I wanted to know the ending of the pursuit. After minutes of watching, the car ended up getting stuck in some neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano, pretty close to where we live. Apparently, he didn't know the way around here, and got lost. And finally the chase stopped cause the car got stuck in a culdisack in the San Juan neighborhood. And the car was up in someone's driveway. LMFAO. The police supposedly got a call from a victim who was supposed to be hidden in the trunk of the car, but no one was in there when they checked :-p. So yeeah, anyways, that made my day, or night o_O

Now i've gotta force myself to get crankin on some Trig work :'( I swear im stressing over that class, it's not even funny. It takes me aaaaages to just do one problem & we're working on hyperbolic graphs and stuffs like that now. I wanna drop out of it and go into regular Trig, but all my friends are telling me not to :( They gave me all these academic reasons, but seriously, it's not an AP class, I don't get extra credit for taking accelerated. So why bother? Let's just see if I end up dropping the class or not :(

Happy Chinese New Year, btw. If anyone celebrates it :D I want my little red envelopes :(
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